VegGarden aims to bring a change in society by establishing itself a one-stop trusted platform for all glossary  and other handmade products. Harmful chemical & pesticides have long affected precious health of our families and children. Everyday we are being forced to consume extremely dangerous chemical substances through fresh vegetables and other daily consumables which are having lots of impurities. Such harmful chemicals may generate various chronic and lethal diseases in human body. Our aim as an organisation is to establish a socially responsible business model which will promote cultivation of ORGANICALLY grown food items and other handmade products. We collect fresh ORGANICALLY grown products directly from our farmer brothers and deliver to your doorstep. You will be mesmerised by the superior taste & quality of such products. We are building a robust supply chain to make such products available to all our consumers across Kolkata at an affordable price. It has been quite a journey for us to educate and convert farmers to grow vegetables, pulses in ORGANIC process. For the past 5 years we have been working on the same and today there are thousands of farmers are registered with ‘VegGarden’ for training. Price, Availability, Quality and Farmer Welfare is 4 main building blocks of our business. By focusing on these parameters we hope to bring a sustainable change in our society, as well as establish a socially responsible business model. In our endeavour, we sincerely invite all of you to join us for your and society’s benefit.